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Unlock your Potential with our Psychometric Assessments

Intervention by Clinical Psychologists - for better diagnosis and to understand self with the help of psychometric assessments.

Psychometric assessments we offer.

The packages we offer are curated as per your need and requirements. We acknowledge the socio-economic diversity and hence offer special prices and payment options.


This is a psychological assessment in which an individual’s perceptions are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, and complex algorithms.
Time: 1.5 hr
Mode: Offline


This is a psychological personality assessment that focuses on the subconscious dynamics of an individual's personality. It focuses on detecting interpersonal conflicts.
Time: 1 hr
Mode: Offline

Intelligence Assessment for Children

The assessment focuses on a child’s intelligence which includes the verbal and performance-based domain.
Time: 2 hr
Mode: Offline

Meet our Clinical Psychologists

Dharna Chaturvedi
RCI registered Clinical Psychologist (Associate)
Behaviour Modification
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Adult Therapy
LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy
"You do not have to struggle in silence."
Hindi, English

Discover our cancellation and rescheduling policy for flexible and stress-free psychometric assessments.

Non-Refundable Payment
Payments are non-refundable, even if you miss a session.
Appointment Cancellation
To cancel an appointment, notify us 24 hours in advance. No refunds for cancellations.
To change your session time, request it via email or by calling on 09154234985 before 24 hours for a different day, or 12 hours for the same day.
Rescheduling Deadline
You must reschedule within 1 month of booking; otherwise, your appointment will remain canceled with no refund.
Session Validity
Booked sessions are valid for 1 month, including rescheduling.

Got questions? Find answers in our FAQs!

What are psychometric assessments?
Psychometric assessments serve as structured tools to impartially evaluate an individual's personality traits, intelligence, skills, behavioral patterns, and aptitude. They play a pivotal role in career guidance and employment by aligning an individual's abilities and personality with fitting career paths or roles.
Who can opt for an assessment?
The age range for IQ assessment is from 6 to 16 while for personality and projective assessments, the age range is 14 and above.
Do I need to prepare for an assessment?
Not necessarily. You need to be well-rested before coming for an assessment. As long as you follow the instructions and answer honestly, you are good to go.
When will I get the results of the assessments?
Assessment takes 2-3 days to be scored. You can always ask your psychologist about the duration.
Are the assessments tough?
The assessments are not difficult. However, they can be time-consuming.
How long does it take to finish one assessment?
It varies from person to person. Some might take 30 minutes or an hour. Maximum amount of time is 2 hours.