About us

At Praan Mental Wellness, we're on a mission to make mental health accessible and affordable for all.

Our non-profit organization is driven by a passionate team of individuals and partners who share a profound commitment to mental well-being.
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Our story

In response to the alarming rise in the suicide rate among farmers, Incor incubated Praan back in 2018. We understand the deep challenges faced by farmers, and we're here to make a difference. Praan is not just a mental health foundation; it's a family, and we're based right here in Hyderabad.

Our mission is deeply personal. We want to promote mental well-being by providing accessible and affordable mental health care to each and every one of you.

With a compassionate and client-focused approach, our goal is to create a safe haven where you feel comfortable discussing your mental well-being. With five years of experience, we have touched over 10,000 lives, preventing self-harm and suicide.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create awareness about mental health, emotional well-being, and suicide prevention. Join us in spreading the light of knowledge and understanding.
At Praan, we're dedicated to educating individuals and communities about mental health and suicide prevention. Together, we can drive change through knowledge and collaboration.
We aim to empower communities by providing information and support to break the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide.

Meet our team

Surya Pulagam
Dr Athar Qureshi
Business Unit - Operations Head
Hardik Mahyawanshi
Senior Manager - Business Development
Nisha Biyani
Vijaya Dhulipudi
Counselling Lead
Anupama Rao
Manager Programs - Chennai Chapter
Gali Kavita Yadaiah
Manager - Volunteering Initiative @ Praan
Mrunal M. Bakshi
Distress Helpline Coordinator
Vijay Kumar Bandari
Content Specialist