Counseling Internship Program (CIP)

CIP is specially curated to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of psychology. We provide short-term and long-term experiential learning through on-job internships, certification courses, and workshops.

We are offering a short-term certification course called "Enhanced Counselling Skills (ECS)". It is a unique course offered under CIP, to empower participants with practical counselling techniques, skills, and knowledge essential for enhancing proficiency while dealing with their clients.
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Batch Starting
To be announced soon.
The course is for 20 hours, spread across 6 days.
- Students who have completed Bachelor's in Psychology.
- Pursuing Master’s in Psychology.
2000/- per person

Course overview

Group Discussions & Assignments
Reflection Activities & Quizzes
Experience Sharing & Case Studies
Roleplay & Supervision

Course Highlights

Praan’s Enhanced Counselling Skills course focuses on helping future counsellors learn practical skills. This training equips them to effectively deal with clients' concerns and conduct counselling sessions while following ethical norms.
Starting a Session & Confidentiality
Attending & Observing Skills
Exploration of Narratives
Facilitating Insight
Facilitating Positive Modifications
Termination & Selfcare
Case Documentation & Conceptualization

Meet your faculty

Anchu Krishna
Vijaya Dhulipudi

Here’s what people said about our courses

Dear Anchu ma’am, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your guidance and support during my counseling internship. I’ve learnt valuable insights that will stay with me.
— Saamiya Shirin
Dear Team Praan, Thank you for being so supportive during my counseling internship and also for booking me sessions. It wouldn’t be possible without your help.
— Anonymous
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