Be the advocate for mental health in your community.

Volunteering Initiative @ Praan is not just about helping others; it's also about personal growth. Enhance your empathy, and gain a deeper understanding of your community.
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One Year Program
You will gain exposure to mental health, become an integral part of the community dedicated to destigmatizing mental health, emerge as a mental health advocate, and acquire skills in crisis management.
Upon completing your time with us, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you excel in the program, you will be awarded a letter of recommendation.
Buddy Responder
When you successfully complete the program, you'll become eligible to advance to the next level and become a buddy responder.

Your time and effort can change lives.

By joining our VIP program, you become a change-maker committed to creating a more compassionate, and non-judgmental society.
Connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who share your passion for making a difference.
Uplift your community by removing the stigma attached to mental health.
Praan takes pride in recognizing and appreciating the dedication of our volunteers by empowering them to be our torch-bearers in their journey of mental health.

Together We Listen, Together We Heal.

Join The Mental Health Volunteer Movement.

Parth Sharma

Dec 2023

Alka Pagare

Nov 2023

Lekshmy H

Oct 2023

Vibhuti Kavde

Sep 2023

Here's what people say

Praan's volunteers testify about our program.
I have been a volunteer with praan from Jun 2023 and I was skeptical at first as to how this program would go. I have been volunteering with various non profits for the past 8 years and the ride has been a share of bitter sweet moments. With praan what has been different is their monthly assignments which I have never done for any non profits. I ❤ to study so it was like going back to school after so many years. I like the earnestness they are showing towards the cause they have taken. So far they haven't been pushy. I hope things pan out well for all who have associated with them. It's not going to easy, but I am sure it will be worth it.
— Lekshmy
Praan Wellness is a community that provides a safe and secure space for people who need support on their mental & emotional wellness. I have always been wanting to help people who are in distress or trouble. I am happy to say that I am associated with this great organization as a volunteer for the last six months. I can proudly say that interactive sessions and assignments given to volunteers not only boost their confidence but also encourage them to spread mental awareness in their social circles. I am highly grateful to Praan for making this positive impact on my life.
— Anita Prabhu
I am grateful to be a part of Praan's VIP Volunteer Program! Each session is a journey of learning and growth, addressing sensitive topics and understanding others. Every month brings new learning opportunities. What I feel is also a process of personal development, shaping individuals into more compassionate human beings. Praan's commitment to genuine causes and positive impact makes volunteering a rewarding experience.
— Ashay Shrivastav

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Acquire skills in communication, empathy, & problem-solving.
Gain a deeper understanding of mental health.
Open doors to new career opportunities.
Fostering resilience, personal growth & self-confidence.
Make a tangible difference in the lives of others

Together we listen, together we heal, join the mental health volunteer movement.